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for Flood alert in force now Groundwater flooding in West Dean, Singleton, Charlton, East Dean and Chilgrove

Flooding is possible - be prepared

Groundwater levels in the Lavant valley are still very high. However, we have measured only 6mm of rain in the previous 5 days, and groundwater levels in the villages of the upper Lavant valley are now slowly falling - by about 5 centimetres each day. Groundwater infiltration will continue to affect the sewerage network, with overpumping in East Dean and Charlton helping to reduce impacts. Water may still flow through fields and on roads and be high enough to cause cellar flooding, or be close to floorboards in a few properties in East Dean, Charlton, Singleton and West Dean. Only very small amounts of rain are forecast for the next 10 days (at least until 6/3/2021). Groundwater is expected to continue to fall over this period, but minor impacts will likely remain into March. If you have pumps to help reduce groundwater levels in your property, please check they are working. We continue to monitor the levels and forecast. We will update this message by 17:00 01/03/2021

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