for Flood alert in force now Groundwater flooding in Finchdean, Dean Lane End and Rowlands Castle

Flooding is possible - be prepared

In Finchdean, Deane Lane End and Rowlands Castle, groundwater levels remain very high. In the last 5 days, 30mm of rain has been recorded in East Hampshire. This has caused a small rise in level (currently 0.5 metres) at Chalton. Over the next few days, we expect to see an increase in level at Finchdean, and for levels to rise into next week. Impacts should be no worse than they have been over the last few weeks. From tomorrow (18/01/2020) the weather is dry for a week, which once again, should help levels to re-stabilise. We continue to monitor the forecast, and will remain in contact with the local Flood Action Group. Please remain prepared for continued groundwater flooding impacts. We will update this Flood Alert by 12:00 on Wednesday 22/01/2020.

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