for Flood alert in force now The tidal Rivers Bure, Ant and Thurne

Flooding is possible - be prepared

This message has been issued because there is a possibility of some minor flooding to riverside roads and footpaths for today, Wednesday 22nd January, and into tomorrow. Water levels continue to remain higher than normal in some places, including Barton Broad. High water levels may last for a few days until the high tides at Great Yarmouth have passed. This is due to the natural tide locking effect of high tidal waters moving up the rivers from Great Yarmouth that restricts the normal drainage out to sea of the Broads river system at low tide. We expect to see high water levels around Wroxham boat yards and Ferry road in Horning. The forecast is for no rainfall today, Wednesday 22nd January, and there is no significant rainfall currently forecast for Thursday and Friday. Take care on waterside roads and footpaths and don't put yourself in unnecessary danger. We are monitoring the situation and will update this message as necessary.

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