for Flood alert in force now Wyre estuary from Fleetwood and Knott End to Little Eccleston

Flooding is possible - be prepared

Spring tides are expected to affect the foreshore over the next couple of days. This Flood Alert is for the around midday high tide on the 23/01/19. This tide is expected to peak at 5.21mAOD at 12:45 on the 23/01/19. The wind speed will be Force 3 to 4 and from a North Westerly direction. Flooding to roads and farmland is possible at these times, however conditions may apply two to four hours either side of the high tide. Flooding is likely to affect low lying land, roads and coastal paths at Fleetwood Docks and Marina, Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park, Barnaby's Sands, Burn Naze, Sower Carr, Hambleton, Stannah, Trunnah, Thornton, Skippool and Little Eccleston. We are closely monitoring the situation. Please plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads which may be flooded. This message will be updated

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