Somerset coast at Porlock Weir

Flood alert

Flooding is possible - be prepared

Flood alert in force now

This flood alert is for Sunday evening and Monday morning. Please be aware that harbourside roads or coastal paths may flood around the peak highwater times. The time and date of the first forecast high water is 8:45 pm on 25/06/2017. The forecast tide level is 6.58 m AOD, which is the highest in the series. The forecast wind strength is Force 5 from the west north west. The time and date of the second forecast high water is 9:15 am on 26/06/2017. The forecast tide level is 6.40 m AOD. However with a lesser forecast wind strength of Force 2, from the north east, our criteria for flood alert is not met for this second high tide. Please note all tide times are in local time and refer to the high water time at Hinkley Point. We will re-issue this flood alert due to the series of peak high tides, and it may remain in force until Tuesday.

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