for Flood warning in force now Tidal River Avon at Pill and Shirehampton, Watch House Road and Station Road areas

Flooding is expected - immediate action required

High water levels are forecast as a result of spring tides. First forecast high water is 21:30 on 09/04/2020 and the forecast tide level is 8.08 m AOD. The forecast wind is Force 2 North Easterly. Second forecast high water is 09:45 on 10/04/2020 and the forecast tide level is 8.11 m AOD. The forecast wind is Force 3 North Easterly. All times are local and refer to the high water time at Avonmouth, mAOD is height above average sea level for more detail refer to local tide tables. Flooding to properties is possible for both tides, conditions may apply 2 hours either side of the high tide. We believe there is a possibility of flooding for Watch House Road in Pill and the Station Road area in Shirehampton. Our incident staff are closing flood gates and liaising with emergency services. Please can owners with property flood resilience equipment install it now and move possessions and valuables off the ground. This message will be updated on Friday, 10/04/2020.

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