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Flooding is possible - be prepared

River levels through Crowhurst have been gradually falling from the peak on Thursday (14/11/2019). Minor flooding will continue to affect fields, the recreation ground, rural roads and gardens while river levels slowly return to normal. Further rain is expected Friday afternoon (15/11/2019) from 14:00, which although not a lot, will cause river levels to rise again. Probably to similar levels, or lower than seen on Thursday. Should Friday’s rain arrive more intense or in greater volumes than we are expecting, flooding could possibly still affect properties between the Plough public house and the junction of Sampsons Lane on Sandrock Hill in Crowhurst. Gardens on Bexhill Road, Bulverhythe may also be affected over high tide (14:30 15/11/2019). Flood protection products are recommended to remain installed in Crowhurst, if you have them. We will continue to monitor the forecast. This message will be updated by 22:00 15/11/2019

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