for Flood alert in force now Upper Arun

Flooding is possible - be prepared

River levels are already near normal through Horsham, following widespread heavy rain at the weekend, associated with Storm Dennis. River levels through Newbridge near Billingshurst and Pallingham Quay have fallen from their peak and continue to slowly lower, but remain higher than normal. Minor flood impacts will continue, with water affecting fields, gardens and rural roads. Periods of rainfall are expected Wednesday and Thursday 20/2/2020. Relatively small amounts in comparison Storm Dennis (10mm compared to 50mm), but may still be enough to cause river levels to rise slightly and extend the duration of minor flood impacts until the weekend. Please continue to keep flood protection products installed, if you have them. Our automatic sluice gates at Provender Mill are operating, to help reduce flood risk in Horsham. We will continue to monitor river levels and forecasts. We will update this message by 11:00 20/02/2020.

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