Coast at North Morecambe Bay

Flood alert

Flooding is possible - be prepared

Flood alert in force now

This Alert is issued for the high tide at 1am tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd August 2017. Tidal spray and onshore flooding may occur to roads, and some properties along the coast in the Sandside area may be affected throughout the period between 11:55pm tonight, Tuesday and 1:55am Wednesday morning. Expect tides to be higher than usual. There will be a very slight negative surge reducing tide heights. We currently forecast that the high tide tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd August 2017 at 1pm will not reach Flood Alert levels, but the following high tide just after midnight on Wednesday night is expected to reach Flood Alert level. We will continue to monitor the situation and reissue this Alert for subsequent tides if required. Environment Agency staff have checked defences in the area. People are advised to stay away from beaches and promenades along the coast between these times. Tide levels can be viewed on or see your local tide table.

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