Managing flood risk

Prepare for flooding

Our climate is changing and one of the risks is an increase in flooding. Extreme weather events could happen more often.

You can still be at risk of flooding even if your area has not flooded in the past.

Use these services to get prepared:

If you are about to be flooded think about those around you, such as:

  • babies and children
  • older people
  • disabled people
  • neighbours
  • your pets

It can affect your gas, water and electricity supplies and disrupt your travel plans.

Plan how you’ll respond to a flood by making a:

For further advice about flooding check the National Flood Forum.

Protect your property

To protect your property and find out how much it will cost use the National Flood Forum‘s property protection tool.

Find out about flood protection products and services at Blue Pages.

Read about what the Environment Agency is doing about flooding.

Insurance and moving house

Insurance companies use a wide range of flood and other local information to calculate premiums.

Make sure you have insurance that covers you for flood risk.

You can:

  • ask your insurance broker about the Flood Re scheme to get cover for properties at risk of flooding
  • find a broker that specialises in properties that are difficult to insure
  • get insurance advice from the National Flood Forum

To find out if a property is in an area which has flooded in the past request a flooding history report.

Get evidence of flood risk

For evidence of your flood risk for insurance purposes request an insurance related report.

You will receive a letter within 20 days.

If you’ve done work on your property

Show insurers or buyers how the work has reduced your flood risk. You or your surveyor can complete a flood risk report.

Planning permission

The rivers and sea information is not suitable for land-use planning.

Use the flood map for planning service.

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